Video: RAPIRO is a humanoid robot kit for the Raspberry Pi

  • RAPIRO - designed by Shota Ishiwatari - is described by its creator as a "cute and affordable robot" kit designed to work with a Raspberry Pi.

    RAPIRO is packaged with an Arduino-compatible servo controller, along with 12 servo motors, one for its neck, one in the waist, four for the two feet, and the final six for its two arms.

    In addition, the 'bot is fully capable of walking with its feet, gripping a pen, as well as turning its head and waist.

    "I believe RAPIRO can be a catalyst between robotics and Raspberry Pi. We want to start a revolution in cute, cool, affordable, customizable, and programmable robots,"Shota Ishiwatari explained in a recent Kickstarter post.

    "If we are successful in our kickstarter, we will publish 3D data (.stl) on our website, allowing you to customize the RAPIRO with a 3D printer."  

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