Cavium wants ARMv8 architecture for Project Thunder

  • ARM has inked a lucrative licensing deal with Cavium to provide the latter company with ARMv8 architecture.


ARMv8 is the first ARM architecture to support 64-bit execution, thereby allowing v8 processors to seamlessly combine 64-bit and 32-bit execution.

    "We are delighted to extend [our] relationship as we broaden the range of ARM processor-based application," said ARM CEO Warren East. 

    "Cavium is a leading multicore processor vendor and has delivered highly differentiated SoCs including a range of ARM processor-based products for many years."

    Cavium is expected to use its ARMv8 architecture license to design highly optimized 64-bit custom cores and SoC implementations for the cloud and datacenter markets. 

    According to Peter Clarke of the EE Times, the so-called ARM-powered Project Thunder processors will be offered alongside the company's existing lineup of Octeon [MIPS] and Nitrox processors.

    "Project Thunder will provide a scalable family of 64-bit ARMv8 processors incorporated into an SoC architecture that includes workload accelerators and industry standard I/O ports," he explained.

    "Cavium is aiming to provide a 10 times improvement in the price, performance and power over rivals' alternatives for the target applications."


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