Commodore details preliminary Amiga reboot specs

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Commodore USA is teasing preliminary specs for its newly resurrected Amiga lineup. 

As die-hard fans of the computer will no doubt recall, Byte Magazine once famously described the Amiga as so far ahead of its time that almost nobody - including Commodore's marketing department - could fully articulate what it was all about. 

Fortunately, Commodore has been given a second chance to showcase the raw uber-goodness of Amiga - in rebooted PC form, of course.

Yes, the upcoming Amiga lineup will feature three separate systems: the 1000, 2000 and 3000.

Amiga 1000

Billed as both elegant and stylish by Commodore, the Amiga 1000 is apparently designed as both a desktop and home entertainment system.

Initial specs include: W:435 x H:57 x D:394mm, 39.1cm in depth, standard 1U power supply, support for MicroATX/ITX motherboards (with a single riser or a dual riser), optional IR kit.

Amiga 2000

Probably the most expandable model of the new Amiga desktop lineup, the 2000 weighs in at 12.5kg and boasts sufficient space for those looking for top performance and gaming power capabilities.

For example, the system can accommodate seven full size expansion cards, ATX power supply & motherboard, 6 hard drives and a full size optical drive. 

Additional dimensions include: W:435 x H:156 x D:394mm, 401mm depth and 15.5cm height.

Amiga 3000

The 3000 is described as the "ideal computer" for those retro geeks seeking more expansion space and extensive processing power. This system can be deployed as a "a home theater" PC. Additional specs include: W:435mm x H: 100mm and D: 394mm.

The 3000 also offers support for four low profile expansion cards, a full ATX power supply, Micro ATX motherboards, four hard drives and full size DVD/BlueRay/CDROM.

Although the company has yet to release a full spec list or confirm an actual launch date, we do know the new Amiga branded computers are slated to be fully AROS compatible, with Commodore USA's CTO Leo Nigro pledging (way back in September 2010) to support the AROS open source community in "every way" possible.

"With the monumental strides that AROS has recently achieved, we realize the importance of accelerating this progress with funding that will enable this project to rapidly move forward and take it's rightful place at the forefront of desktop operating systems.

Commodore USA CEO Barry Altman expressed similar sentiments.

"[We have] taken a major role in not just supporting the future Amiga market with our many new products, but also in providing a new beginning for the enormous existing Amiga community.

"Our relationship with them, along with our support for the elegant, robust and lightweight AROS desktop operating system, will ensure that they and future customers will benefit from our new and exciting vision and enable the legacy Commodore and Amiga culture to flourish.

"We look forward to bringing these new products to market and welcoming a whole new generation of computer users to the Commodore and Amiga experience."