How do you measure graphics horsepower?


You know, when we’re testing graphics add-in boards (AIBs) we and others usually mention how the AIB has the horsepower to run games at high frames and high resolution.

But these high-end AIBs also consume a lot of power while delivering up zombies, radio-active Russians, and war weary Nazis.
So I think we should express the AIBs in terms of horsepower.

How do you measure graphics horsepower? For example, the new Nvidia GTX580, which really does have the horsepower, also uses over a third of a horsepower to do it.

So, just like new cars are graded by their horsepower, graphics AIBs can be too.

For example:

  • AMD HD 6870 – 20% horsepower
  • AMD HD5870 – 25% horsepower
  • Nvidia GTX480 -  32.7% horsepower
  • Nvidia GTX580 – 33.5% horsepower

With this new rating system, now game enthusiast can puff their chests and say, yeah, got me a 33% HP board today, ugh ugh ugh.
*Jon Peddie, Jon Peddie Research