Japanese hologram rocks sold out concert

  • Vocalist and performer Hatsune Miku is a rising star in Japan's fast-moving pop scene. But she is also a virtual avatar - created by Crypton Media.

    According to Aaron Saenz of Singularity Hub, Miku wows Japanese crowds with her perfectly tuned pitch, which is generated by Yamaha's Vocaloid voice synthesizer.

    "The mid-range shots of the crowd with Miku in the background show how great her 'hologram' appears live on stage," wrote Saenz.

    "[Sure], close-ups do reveal a bit of pixelation, but if I was in the crowd I don't think I would have noticed this."

    As Saenz notes, the current high definition quality of Miku's "hologram" only illustrates how virtual rockers can potentially "hold their own" against real-world rock n' rollers.

    "Who knows, maybe these software singers will grow to dominate the world of music. 

    "After all, human pop stars already seem like they were created in a science lab, why not just take the next step?"

    Seriously, dude, is this wild or what?!