Nvidia fires up its GeForce GTX 580

  • Nvidia has debuted its long-awaited, Fermi-powered GeForce GTX 580. The graphics card - which was reengineered from the transistor-level up - offers significantly optimized performance for DX11 gaming.

    The GTX 580 also features a vapor chamber thermal cooling system, along with new architectural enhancements that provide an increase of up to 35% in performance per watt and a 30% increase in speed compared to the GTX 480.

    Indeed, the 512-core GeForce GTX 580 is reportedly up to 160 percent faster than competing cards in games that feature intense tessellation. 

    Even in previous-generation DX9 and DX10 games, the GeForce GTX 580 is thought to be faster by up to 62%, including in rendering titles such as StarCraft II.

    Additional specs include:

    • 512 cores.
    • 16 PolyMorph engines.
    • Up to 35 percent improvement in performance/watt efficiency.
    • 2 billion triangles/second.
    • Provides game developers total creative freedom to create cutting-edge DX11 games.
    • Full support for Nvidia 3D Vision, Surround and SLI technology.

    The GeForce GTX 580 is currently available at a $500 price point.

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