Next-gen Wireless USB spec approved

  • Wireless USB has taken a giant leap forward with the introduction of a new, next-gen specification.

    According to USB-IF chairman Jeff Ravencraft, Wireless USB 1.1 delivers "key performance enhancements," along with UWB upper band support for frequencies of 6 GHz and above.

    "Wireless USB is [steadily] evolving with optimized power efficiency and ease of use," Ravencraft told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement.

    "Lower idle power requirements and improved battery life enhance power efficiency, [while] the new association model offers support for Near Field Communication (NFC) and proximity-based association - making Wireless USB even easier to install and use."

    Ravencraft added that the Wireless 1.1 spec was clearly the "next step" in USB technology.

    "[We understand] that consumers want a fast, easy-to-use solution to wirelessly transfer content from PCs to their [smartphhones, tablets and MP3 players].

    "[And so], Wireless USB 1.1 supports robust, high-speed wireless connectivity [across multiple] devices."

    The Wireless USB Revision 1.1 specification and adopter agreement can be downloaded here.