Tablet craze jumpstarts NAND Flash market

  • The use of NAND Flash memory in popular tablets such as Apple's iPad and competing Android devices is expected to triple in 2011.

    "Tablets have [clearly] stolen some cachet from netbooks," senior iSuppli analyst Michael Yang told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement.

    "[Although] the tablet segment suffers from some of the same weaknesses as netbooks, devices like the iPad have wowed consumers with their responsiveness and media interaction - due in part to the use of NAND flash for data storage, instead of a traditional hard disk drive."

    According to Yang, even more tablets are slated to arrive as the holiday season fast approaches. 

    "The new devices - to be based on the Android or Chrome operating system from Google - could enable affordability because of increased product selection and apps innovation.

    "[And] with the iPad leading the way, tablets will facilitate a new usage model that incorporates newer ways of experiencing media and the Internet, spurring rising NAND usage in each tablet," he added.