This R2-D2 unit can even take on Vader

  • R2-D2 may have saved the lives of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in Return of the Jedi, but this tricked-out iteration of the astromech droid seems capable of taking on even the Dark Lord himself.

    The cool robot replica - designed by Brain M De Vitis of UCLA - was spotted by Matt Hawkins of Fort 90.

    It reportedly boasts multiple ports and at least 10 consoles, including:

    • Nintendo Entertainment System
    • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    • Nintendo 64
    • Nintendo GameCube

    • Playstation 2

    • Playstation Portable

    • Sega Genesis

    • Sega Dreamcast
    • Atari 1800
    • Xbox
    • PC

    The droid also features a working projector (for games), as well as functioning switches and vents to prevent overheating.

    Additional pictures of the dueling ‘bot can be found here at Fort 90.

    Awesome, eh?