Swedish geek wants to be a cyborg

  • Swedish geek extraordinaire Martin Magnusson has designed a rather fashionable wearable computer for aspiring cyborgs.

    The system - in its current iteration - comprises a pair of Myvu Crystal video glasses hacked into a monocular head-mounted display, along with a Beagleboard single-board computer running (what else?) Angstrom Linux.

    Additional components include:

Plexgear mini USB hub driving a bluetooth adapter and powering the Beagleboard/display.
    • Four 2700 mAh AA batteries powering the USB hub.
    • A foldable Nokia SU-8W bluetooth keyboard for input.
    • Internet connectivity enabled via bluetooth tethering to an iPhone.

    "I bought a cheap CD case, ripped out the interior CD pockets and glued Velcro straps on the interior surface. Adhesive Velcro on the back side of the gadgets make for a configurable layout," Magnusson explained in a blog post.

    "The case conveniently opens like a book for easy access to the components. Zipped close it becomes a compact bag that protects the interior."

    Magnusson also noted that he had attempted to attach each component to a leather shoulder belt using velcro, which was a potentially "practical" - but not "subtle" - solution.

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