The REAL iPhone 4 teardown

Posted by Aharon Etengoff

UBM TechInsights has thoroughly torn down the long-awaited Apple iPhone 4 and identified all its key components, including a 3-axis digital gyroscope and accelerometer designed by ST Micro.

"[We disassembled] the device by using our specialized teardown practices and combining that with our reliable and expert lab analysis. We were [then] able to confirm all the key components on the Apple iPhone 4, especially the much talked about 3-axis gyroscope," senior analyst Steve Bitton told TG Daily.

The REAL iPhone 4 teardown"There was plenty of speculation of what was within the iPhone - but speculation doesn't help you make key design decisions or provide a better understanding of the market landscape. Analysis does."

Bitton also noted that the teardown identified "many similarities" between the iPhone 4 and recently launched iPad, such as:

  • The Intel 36MY1EF dual-memory package featuring 128Mb of Numonyx NOR flash (purchased from Intel and still bearing Intel's markings) and Elpida Mobile DDR SDRAM.
  • Samsung K9PFG08U5M 256G bit, x8 FLASH memory.
  • The Cirrus Logic-branded 338S0589 audio codec.
  • The Broadcom BCM4329 802.11n with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and FM receiver.
  • The Broadcom BCM4750 single-chip GPS receiver.
  • The Apple-marked A4 processor, featuring the same 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 core as the Samsung Wave.

Other design wins featured on the fourth-gen iPhone include: 


Three front end modules from Skyworks Solutions (SKY77541, SKY77452 and SKY77459). 

  • Two components from TriQuint (TQM676091 & TQM666092).
  • A compass sensor from AKM Semiconductor (AKM8975). 

  • Touch screen controller developed by Texas Instruments.

"Of the major design wins, Infineon found itself with the transceiver (marked with 'Apple 338S0626') and the X-GOLD 61x (marked '3833') baseband processor. [However], the most notable of parts though was from ST Micro, who provided not only the LIS331DLH 3-axis accelerometer (incorrectly identified as the STM33DH) [along with] the 3-axis digital gyroscope," explained Bitton.

teardown iPhone 4 UBM techinsights"[We] also decapped the image sensors and found a major design win for Omnivision. The VGA sensor on the front camera was determined to be the OV7675 from a match for the VGA-resolution and confirmed by counting pixels! In addition, the 5 MP image sensor is also an Omnivision component. We are confident that this is the OV5650 color CMOS QSXGA image sensor with OmniBSI (backside illumination) technology."

A complete component breakdown follows:

  • Apple A4 Processor – Confirmed that it FEATURES DOUBLE THE MEMORY of the iPad – 512 MB of Samsung Mobile DDR SDRAM, double that of the iPad. The Samsung K4X4G643GB PoP memory is composed of 2 MDDR @ 256MBytes (2Gbits) each.
  • Skyworks SKY77541 Quad-band GSM/GPRS Front End Module (850/1900 - US).
  • Skyworks SKY77452 Tx W-CDMA FEM. 
  • Skyworks SKY77459 W-CDMA FEM. 
  • Triquint TQM676091 Power Amp (W-CDMA).
  • Triquint TQM666092 Power Amp (W-CDMA).
  • Apple 338S0626 - Confirmed to be Infineon GSM/W-CDMA Transceiver.

  • 5 MP Image Sensor (confirmed to be Omnivision) – confident to be the OV5650 by comparing specifications and our die images. Other sites have stated they think it is the OV5642 but they haven't decapped yet.
  • Omnivision OV7675 CMOS VGA (640 x 480) Image Sensor - the best match for the VGA-resolution (confirmed by counting pixels!) for front camera X-GOLD 61x baseband Processor - HSDPA/HSUPA capabilities of 7.2Mbps/2.9Mbps, and the ability to connect to cameras with up to 5 MPixels.
  • 338S0867 Power Management Unit - Dialog (Die marks D1815A 'Ashley'). Same PMU die seen in iPad with Apple part #338S0805.
  • STMicro LIS331DH 3-axis accelerometer (used in the iPad based on die markings) incorrectly as STM33DH on some sites! (CHIPWORKS).
  • Intel 36My1EF (Dies were ELPIDA 128 Mbits Mobile DDR SDRAM & 28F128FM Intel/Numonyx NOR) - used in iPhone 3Gs and the iPad.
  • Apple 343S0499 – Texas Instruments Touchscreen controller - Apple/TI, part is #343S0499/#F761586G (an up-rev from earlier # F761586C of the iPhone 3GS).
  • Samsung K9PFG08U5M 256G bit, x8 FLASH MEMORY (also used in iPad).
  • The Cirrus Logic 338S0589 audio codec (also used in the iPad).
  • The AKM Semiconductor AKM8975 - COMPASS.
  • Apple part AGD1 - 3-axis gyroscope confirmed to be ST Micro by the die markings and since it is digital it points to L3G4200D (their only product offering for digital gyroscopes).
  • Broadcom BCM4329FKUBG 802.11n with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and FM receiver (also found in the iPad).
  • Broadcom BCM4750IUB8 single-chip GPS receiver  (also found in iPad).