Report: Nintendo 3DS is Tegra-less

Posted by Aharon Etengoff

Were you hoping to find a shiny Tegra SoC under the hood of your brand new Nintendo 3DS? Well, we're sorry to disappoint, but it seems as if the 3D handheld console will feature a design "totally" divorced from Nvidia's mobile processor.

Indeed, according to DigitalFoundry, Nintendo has instead chosen an unknown Japanese partner to power the 3D acceleration hardware within the device. 

Report: Nintendo 3DS is Tegra-less"Sources also confirmed that the 3DS' development codename is 'Nintendo CTR,' meaning that this motherboard picture we ran a couple of weeks back, sourced from the FCC website, is indeed something akin to a development or test station for the new handheld," explained Richard Leadbetter of DigitalFoundry.

"This strongly suggests that 3DS does feature a widescreen "glasses free" stereoscopic 3D display, along with a more conventional 4:3 2D display beneath it."

In addition, Leadbetter noted that Nintendo boasted a "strong track record" in "excellent" battery life with every one of its previous handheld devices.

"Even the four-core PowerVP chip said to be at the heart of the PSP2 offers a performance level some way between the original Xbox and the 360.

"[So], a more modest GPU is therefore a much more realistic proposition, especially bearing in mind that even the iPhone 3GS with its PowerVR SGX535 architecture doesn't exactly command outstanding battery life in 3D gaming," he added.