"Glasses free" 3D video camera spotted in China

Posted by Trent Nouveau

A "glasses free" 3D video camera has reportedly surfaced on the tech-savvy Chinese street. 

"Rich, a giant of [the] Chinese domestic industry, developed the first video camera [in the country] to film in 3D. [But] there is still very little info on the camera, we only know [it] has a screen of 3.2 inches and 3D effects are directly observable from the screen," explained a post on ChinITech.

"Glasses free" 3D video camera spotted in China

"For the 3D effect, the camera uses two lenses positioned with a particular angle. The two images obtained are then processed to obtain this effect."

Yes, 3D-enabled devices certainly seem to be all the rage in China these days.

Indeed, the electronics giant Haier recently introduced a slick, ultra-flat 3D TV measuring only 2.48 inches thick.

According to Haier, the versatile TV allows viewers to watch 3D content in 2D and vice versa.

Haier 3D TVThe television also includes a WiFi module, along with a Mo-card designed to transform TVs into "multifunction" systems.

"Through a slot in the TV, you insert a disk which adds functionality. Haier has already developed several Mo-card like games (fitness and tennis) similar to the Wii [for which] you use the remote control as a joystick.

"But there are also other modules such as receiving news from the portal Sohu or the Mo-card Xunlei. Xunlei is downloadable software with a specific protocol like eMule, where you can legally download music, videos and films for free."