Intel upgrades Atom processor

  • Intel has introduced an upgraded line of Atom processors with integrated graphics built directly into the CPU.

    The 1.66GHz "Pine Trail" processors - along with a companion NM10 chipset - are expected to power Intel's next-generation Atom netbook and desktop platforms.

    "One of the most significant features of the new platform is the integration of memory controller and graphics into the CPU, a first in the industry on x-86 chips," explained company spokesperson Anil Nanduri.

    "That means two chips (CPU+chipset) instead of the previous three (CPU, chipset, I/O controller hub), a lower TDP, [along with] substantial reductions in cost, overall footprint and power."

    Indeed, the new netbook N450 platform boasts a 60 percent reduced footprint, while entry level desktop Pine Trail PCs offer a 70 percent footprint reduction and 50 percent lower TDP.

    Additional specs include:   ?

    • N450 notebook platform - Single core Atom processor with 512k of L2 cache and a 7-watt total kit TDP.?
    • D410 desktop platform - Single-core Atom processor designed for entry-level desktop PCs. The chip features 512k of L2 cache, along with a 12-watt total kit TDP.
    • ?D510 desktop platform - Dual-core Atom processor designed for entry-level desktop PCs. The chip offers a 1meg L2 cache and has a 15-watt total kit TDP.

    Pine Trail pricing and availability will be announced in January as systems become available from a number of OEMs, including Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, MSI, Toshiba, Samsung and Fujitsu.??