Intel phases out majority of boxed 65 nm Xeon processors

  • Santa Clara (CA) – Intel claims that it is already producing more 45 nm processors than 65 nm chips, so news about outgoing 65 nm CPUs should not come as a surprise. A major announcement came yesterday in a product change notification (PCN) to customers, which lists 31 different boxed and Core-based Xeon dual- and quad-core processors that are being phased out by July 2009.

    The PCN lists six dual-core Xeon processors with Woodcrest core (5120, 5150, LV5148, 5110, 5130, 5140, 5160) as well as nine quad-core versions with Clovertown core (E5310, E5320, L5320, E5335, L5335, E5345, X5365, X5355) as well as variations of these CPUs for a total of 31 processors being phased out.

    Intel told customers that orders for these processors will not be cancelable after January 23, 2009 and final orders can be submitted until April 23, 2009. Intel plans the final shipment of these processors for July 23, 2009.

    Intel said that the boxed versions of these processors will be offered until supply is depleted, but the company will be offering tray versions of the CPUs instead of boxed versions thereafter. There are subtle but important differences between tray and boxed processors as the tray versions do not come with a fan and a shorter warranty through the reseller.