Fusion IO announces monster SSD for gamers

Posted by Wolfgang Gruener

Los Angeles (CA) – Fusion IO, which has made a name for itself  with high-performance SSDs for the enterprise segment, preps its first consumer SSD – which promises to be more than twice as fast as the fastest SSDs on the market today. Prosumers, enthusiasts and gamers will be able to benefit from the massive bandwidth of the card, Fusion IO says.

NAND-flash based solid state disks (SSDs) are considered to be the best choice for PCs that rely on low power consumption and especially are focused on high performance applications. However, even the fastest SSDs you can buy today are limited by the bandwidth of SATA II (300 MB/s) and typically achieve read speeds of up to 200 – 250 MB/s on the high end – which would include Intel’s recently announced 80 GB SSDs that sell for $595.

If it is performance you are looking for and if you have a few extra dollars to spend, you may want to wait for Fusion IO’s 80 GB ioXtreme card, which is scheduled to become available in Q1 of next year for “less than $1000”. Fusion IO CTO David Flynn told TG Daily that the PCI Express card will be able to hit a data throughput of 500 MB/s to 700 MB/s. Latency is increased by a factor of between 10-100, which in combination with the bandwidth provides about 50,000 IO’s per second. In low-level benchmarks, Fusion Io promises that its card will outpace traditional hard drives by a factor of more than 20x and mainstream SSDs by about 5x.

Flynn mentioned that professional CAD/CAM users, software developers and enthusiasts will be able to benefit from the extra bandwidth of the card. For example, The Linux kernel can be compiled twice as fast with the card and gamers can accelerate the load times of game levels. Another small, but important advantage is that users can keep their hard drives as mass storage devices, since the Fusion IO card plugs into a PCI Express interface.

More details to come ...