Biohazard announces phase-change cooled 4.8 GHz enthusiast PC

  • Cedar Rapids (IA) – Boutique PC builder Biohazard has added a new flagship system to its portfolio: The Rapture machine comes with phase-change cooling, which promises sub-zero operating temperatures for the CPU and GPU.

    There is really no alternative to phase change cooling, if you are looking into extreme overclocking. And if you don’t want to build such a system yourself, you can now opt to purchase Biohazard’s Rapture model that comes with phase-change cooling by default. According to the company, sub-zero operating temperatures enable higher clock speeds for the integrated CPUs right out of the gate. Biohazard CEO Josh Smith said that the company can hit "at least 4.8 GHz" in Skulltrail configurations.

    He said the company could "get it into the 5s", but Biohazard was looking for "something capable of running at the overclocked frequency for extended periods of time." 4.8 GHz turned out to be sustainable and reliable.

    Not surprisingly, even the base Rapture PC isn’t cheap – plan on spending at least about $6500 for an AMD system and at least $7300 for an Intel model. Your budget pretty much determines how expensive the PC will be in the end. A fully configured Skulltrail system and cost about $27,000, including $10,000 worth of enterprise solid state disk drives alone. This price does not include a monitor or custom paint.