Samsung showcases super-thin LCD TV panel

  • Seoul (Korea) – Samsung has developed a 40” LCD TV panel that is just 10 mm (0.4”) thick.


    The manufacturer said that the new panel delivers 1080p resolution and could enable LCD TVs that are about as thick as a 10-20” desktop LCD monitor. The bezel of the device is only 15 mm (0.6”), down from a typical 30 mm (1.2”) in this class. The power consumption of the display is rated at a maximum of 90 watts, which is only about a third of today’s 40” LCD TVs.

    There was no information when this panel will be available in mass-production TVs.

    Samsung said it will display several other new technologies shown in public for the first time, including its recently announced 16:9 and white LED notebook LCDs as well as a 22” desktop LCD with a Displayport interface. Additionally, the company has a 46” 1500 nits LCD TV panel on display.