Transcend announces 2.5” 32 GB SSD

  • Taipei (Taiwan) – Transcend is rolling out its second 2.5” solid state disk (SSD) drive, aiming to replace standard had disk drives in notebook computers.


    Besides providing more performance, Transcend claims that the SSD consumes 80% less power than traditional hard drives. Storage capacity still trails traditional mass storage devices, but 32 GB could be enough for compact notebooks that are mainly used on the road.

    Transcends 2.5” SSD comes with an SATA 1.0 interface and can be used as a drop-in replacement for 2.5” hard drives.

    Pricing has not been announced but should be about twice the cost of the firm’s 16 GB model, which currently retails for around $320. The 8 GB model is sold through Internet outlets for about $170.

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