Panoram releases 3D desktop LCD

  • Sun Valley (CA) – 3D displays are a niche market and we have no reason believe that this will change anytime soon. But the segment produces interesting devices for industry and enthusiast applications – such as the Panoram PSP 2400, a stereoscopic 24” HD 3D LCD that can be yours for the price of about three regular 30” LCDs.


    The PSP 2400 is a passive stereoscopic LCD panel that can work both as a 1920 x 1200 pixel (mono) display as well as a 3D stereo LCD.  According to the manufacturer, the device can be “instantly” switched from one mode to the other and offers an “extremely wide field of view” through its circular polarization. Panoram claims that this technology eliminates the need for users to move their head to find the sweet spot required from most auto stereoscopic 3D monitors.

    The manufacturer said that the LCD is designed to be a plug-and-play solution for “most applications adapting automatically to high-end graphics cards”. Panoram expects the display to be used in “high-end” desktop applications, mainly in industries such as the oil/gas, manufacturing & engineering, government, defense and scientific computing sectors.

    Interfaces integrated included DVI dual link, analog HD15 and optional component video with support for 480i, 720p and 1080i resolutions. The basic configuration of the PSP 2400 is meant to be implemented in a one or two user environment as a desktop monitor. There is also a second configuration available for one to three user environments with an optional VESA mounting plate allowing the display to be mounted on a wall or tradeshow stand.

    The PSP 2400 is priced at $4995, which Panoram claims is a fraction of the cost of a 3D projection system. The display comes bundled with a pair of passive stereo glasses that are required for the use of 3D visualization on the monitor.