Kingston releases DDR3-14400 memory

  • Fountain Valley (CA) – Kingston has increased the speed of its enthusiast DDR3 memory modules.

    The new devices, sold under the firm’s “HyperX” brand, are rated at clock speeds of up to 1800 MHz.

    The new high-end DDR3-14400 modules are rated at a latency of CL8-8-8-24-1T and will be available 1 1GB and 2 GB kits for $227 and $453, respectively. The company also offers DDR3-13000 (1625 MHz) devices at CL7-7-7-20-1T for slightly less money: The 1 GB package has a suggested retail price of $224; the 2 GB kit is expected to be available for $448.

    Kingston’s suggested retail prices are below current street prices of memory device with similar speeds. OCZ’s  and Corsair’s 1800 MHz DDR3 memory is selling for about $350 for 1 1GB modules these days, while 2 GB are available for about $650, according to

    1600 MHz DDR3 memory is available from various manufacturers, including OCZ, Crucial and Super Talent for about $270.  

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