Nvidia targets Intel with new integrated graphics chipsets

  • Santa Clara (CA) - Nvidia released a new GeForce Motherboard GPU (mGPU) designed for integrated solutions on Intel-based PCs.  As other 7-Series GeForce products, these mGPUs promise to bring higher-end graphics capability and function directly onto the motherboard while providing a wider driver base compatibility.

    These new 7-Series GeForce "motherboard GPUs" are designed to compete with integrated graphics solutions by Intel on Intel-based platforms.  Currently, Nvidia holds just 1% of the Intel-based PC integrated graphics market according to Mercury Research.  On the other side, Nvidia currently holds 62% of the integrated graphics market on AMD-based PCs.

    Nvidia is claiming to raise the integrated graphics bar because operating systems like Vista and applications like Office 2007, Adobe and Google Earth are becoming more demanding on the GPU.  They are also traditional, mainstream applications which are not part of a segmented niche market like the high-end gaming communities or 3D world.  They are general user apps and they require large amounts of graphics card memory and processing power to drive their 3D experience.  As a result, customers are beginning to expect this 3D level of visual interface and the associated need for higher-end graphics products at more affordable prices.

    Targeted at the mainstream PC, the 7050 delivers a 500 MHz graphics clock, PCIe x1, x8 or x16 graphics (depending on either 610i or 630i).  The 7100 will target the 630i with a 600 MHz graphics clock at x16.  While the 7150 will support in excess of a 600 MHz clock at x16.  The 610i and 630i chipsets all support SATA at 3 Gbps, high-definition audio and either 10/100 or 10/100/1000 ethernet.  Some high-end models will support DVI and HDCP.  All mGPUs are targeted at Core 2, Pentiumn D, Pentium 4 and Celeron D processor platform solutions using the nForce chipset.

    Products will be shipping later this month from motherboard makers including Abit, Asrock, Asus, Biostar, Colorful, ECS, EVGA, Foxconn, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Hassee, Inno3D, Jetway, J&W, Maxsun, MSI, Onda, Palit, PC Partner, PNY, Supox, Unika and XFX.  Nvidia has integrated GeForce graphics solutions in the 6-Series and now 7-Series, which represent the highest integrated solutions currently avaialble from Nvidia.