Intel announces Tigerton Xeon MP processor

  • Santa Clara (CA) – Five days ahead of the launch of AMD's Barcelona processor, Intel today announced its 65 nm Xeon 7300/7200 series, the latest and final product based on the company's Core microarchitecture.

    Tigerton is Intel's new Xeon MP processor that aims to regain marlet shares that have been lost to AMD's 800 and 8000 series of Opteron processors. Based on the Core microarchitecture, the CPU takes the ingredients of the Woodcrest (Xeon 5100) and Clovertown (Xeon 5300) DP processors to improve Intel's presence in the performance server segment.

    Tigerton is part of the Caneland platform, which also include the 7300-series of chipsets. Intel said that the platform has been built with virtualization applications in mind and provides up to 2X the performance, up to 2.5X the virtualization performance and up to 3X the performance-per-watt when compared to a preceding 4-socket Xeon 7100 platform, which is based on the Netburst architecture.

    Customers will be able to fine-tune a Caneland system much more to a specific use than the preceding Truland platform. Options include a range of quad-core and dual-core processor options as well as a more flexible memory configuration. While threaded applications can be tied to quad-core CPUs, Intel also offers dual-core versions with prices on the low end of the spectrum, which support twice the memory as a Truland system: If GHz and memory count, a 4-socket Caneland server can be equipped with a cheaper 2.93 GHz dual-core processor and up to 256 GB (8 GB x 32) in FB-DIMMs.

    The product portfolio includes six quad-core processors (50-130 watt, 1.6 GHz – 2.93 GHz) with tray prices ranging from $851 to $2301 and two dual-core processors (80 watt) with 2.4 and 2.93 GHz clock speed for prices of $856 and $1177, respectively. Intel said it expects that about 75% of Tigerton processors will be shipped as quad-core CPUs.


    In terms of performance, Intel expects its Caneland platform to maintain the overall lead, even over the soon to be introduced Barcelona quad-core CPU. The company said that its own benchmarks showed performance advantages of 55 to 147% between an Opteron 8220SE and a Xeon 7350 (quad-core, 2.93 GHz).