Aircable brings out Bluetooth dongle with 18+ mile range

  • Santa Cruz (CA) - Bluetooth specialist Wireless Cables Inc (WCI) has announced its latest innovation, a USB Bluetooth dongle with a range extending nearly 19 miles.

    The Aircable Host XR, when installed professionally, can achieve a range of 30 kilometers (approximately 18.64 miles), says WCI.  The device connects via standard USB and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

    Most Bluetooth dongles offer a range of around 33 feet, according to Wireless Cables, which is enough for basic wireless commication between a mobile device and a PC in the same room.  Extending the range to over 18 miles, though, allows users to take Skype calls and remotely operate their computer from the other side of the city.

    However, the included antenna only allows a range of around one kilometer (0.6 miles).  A separate antenna is required to make use of the 18-mile functionality, and according to WCI it requires professional installation.

    The Aircable Host XR dongle is available for a list price of $129.

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