Panasonic introduces 4x Blu-ray burner

  • Princeton (NJ) - Panasonic has announced that it is developing a new Blu-ray Disc drive that can write to single and dual-layer discs at a max speed of 18 MB/s.

    According to Panasonic, at maximum speed, the BD drive could write a full 50 GB dual-layer Blu-ray Disc in less than 45 minutes, and a 25 GB BD-R in under 25 minutes.

    The breakthrough is a new laser diode that optimizes laser quality, and can burn data at a faster rate without excess power consumption.  The drive's output will reportedly be about 130 mW.

    Earlier this year, Panasonic announced development of BD-R discs that support writing speeds of 4x, which are planned to be available later this month.

    Hitachi LG Data Storage is already beating Panasonic to the punch, though, with its upcoming GGW-H20L BD burner to support 6x writing speeds (27 MB/sec).  The new drive from Panasonic, however, will still be the fastest offering for burning BD-R DL discs.