SilentFlux mixes radiators and CPU coolers

  • Taipei TAIWAN – SilentFlux is trying to reinvent CPU coolers by taking a cue from car radiators.  The SilentFlux ATX coolers are fashioned out of aluminum and look identical to a radiator you would see in your typical car.  At the Computex technology convention in Taipei, company reps told us that the coolers can dissipate between 110 and 135 watts of heat.

    Coolant flows through the pipes, just like a normal car radiator.  The entire unit is quite light and weighs less than the stock CPU cooler for Intel and AMD processors.  Company reps told us that the SilentFlux has been selected for AMD’s reference design for home media computers.

    The SilentFlux will soon be available in the USA for $50 to $60.