Samsung packs 4 GB memory chip into cellphones

  • Seoul (Korea) – There is no such thing as too much memory: Samsung announced that it has begun shipping a 4 GB NAND flash chip package for cellphones – which could eliminate the need for expansion card slots at least for some next-generation mobile phones.

    The new moviMCP flash is a multi-chip package consisting of two 16 Gb flash chips as well as a 1 Gb (128 MB) mobile DRAM chip to support the processor and a 2 Gb (256 MB) NAND flash chip for general handset operations (such as storing the operating system and core applications).

    Samsung says that the chip provides enough storage capacity (about 10,000 2-megapixel images or about 1000 MP3 music files) to allow handset makers to cut the expansion card slot from the bill of materials for future phones. The forecast that the plain capacity of the package will convince handset makers to drop the expansion card slot in general may be a bit too optimistic, but the arrival of larger flash memory chips is good news especially for the smartphone market: Devices such as the Blackberry smartphones are overdue for a memory update: Even the latest Pearl and 8800-series models still come with only 64 MB integrated flash memory, which may seem a bit antiquated these days.

    Samsung said that its 4 GB moviMCP is currently available for OEM sampling, which means that we are unlikely to see phones with these chips before 2008.