Dell updates high-end XPS gaming rig

  • Round Rock (TX) – Dell today announced a new version of its XPS 720 H2C Edition, which includes factory overclocked memory and more bling-bling.

    When there isn’t much news in the processor space, system vendors have to look elsewhere to keep their computer systems fresh. For Dell’s most expensive computer that means that the desktop PC continues to run on Core 2 Extreme processors (3.46 GHz for the QX6700 and or 3.73 GHz for the QX6800) and keeps its thermo-electric/liquid cooling system, but extends its feature set with 2 GB of Corsair’s DDR2-800 Dominator memory, which has been overclocked to 1066 GHz.

    There is also a new LED lighting system, which has been moved over from the XPS M1710 notebook. LightFX allows users to control three light zones (back, front/top, front/bottom), eight intensity levels, and 16 colors, with the capability to create unique lighting scenarios that match specific game activities such as breathing or heartbeat. The technology also supports the development of custom lighting effects including flashing, strobe, chasing and cross fades between colors and zones, or tie lighting effects to gaming events such as fire, damage or life drain.

    Pricing for the new XPS 720 begins at $6000 and includes two Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX graphics cards, two 160 GB 10,000 RPM hard drives, a Blu-ray drive, a Soundblaster X-Fi sound card, a 24” LCD and a choice of Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows XP MCE.