Quad-core PCs starting to play with mainstream market

Posted by Wolfgang Gruener

Irvine (CA) – Gateway today announced one of the first quad-core PCs to become available in retail stores across the country. The systems are still carrying lofty price tags, but are substantially cheaper than the enthusiast quad-core PCs that have been available so far.


Gateway's FX desktop computer in detail ...


Intel’s most recent round of processor price reductions has opened the door for system builders to create quad-core computers that are positioned in a segment that was reserved for higher-end dual-core desktops. Gateway is the first manufacturer that takes advantage of this scenario and offers two pre-configured retail models that are about $700 cheaper than comparable products from competitors.

Based on the firm’s enthusiast-aimed FX series, Best Buy has begun selling the FX8020 system that comes with Intel’s Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor, a 512MB ATI Radeon X1950 Crossfire video card, 2 GB memory, Gigabit Ethernet, and a 500 GB hard drive space for $2100. Comp USA, Microcenter and J&R offer a slightly upgraded model (FX8030) that includes a second 500 GB drive and is priced at $2300.



Gateway FX-series desktop. Click here to see more images of the PC.



A quick look over to the competition reveals that Dell has not yet adjusted its PCs for the new price of the Core 2 Quad 6600, which dropped from $851 to $530 on April 7. Buyers who are looking for a Q6600 computer will have to look at least at the firm’s XPS710 system. Dell still asks for an $800 premium over a system with the base E6300 dual-core processor and charges $2800 for an XPS710 that is comparable to Gateway’s FX8020.

HP has not yet begun offering quad-core computers and sends interested customers to its subsidiary VoodooPC instead. However, HP already has applied Intel’s price reductions in the dual-core space. The E6700 currently is priced at a $280 premium over the base E4300 and is offered in complete systems from $1230.