Intel pushes Q6600 quad-core CPU into 95 watt systems

  • Santa Clara (CA) – Intel has informed its customers that the Core 2 Quad Q6600 desktop quad-core processor as well as the Xeon X3220 and X3210 server quad-core CPUs have been transitioned to a new stepping, which will allow customers to integrate the processors in computer systems using lower power flexible motherboards (FMB).

    According to a product change notification released on Friday, the three processors were transitioned from the B-3 to the G-0 processor stepping and can now run not only on 105 watt performance FMBs, but on 95 watt mainstream FMBs as well.

    The new CPUs, which can be identified by the CPUID “06FB” (B-3 processors were labeled “06F7”), also increase the Tcase, a value that describes the maximum temperature a CPU can sustain, by 11 degrees Celsius. According to Intel, this change will allow system builders to scale back cooling requirements and achieve lower system noise levels overall.

    All three G-0 CPUs require BIOS updates. Samples of the processors are expected to be available on May 11. General availability of the units is scheduled for July 16.

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