Update: Apple Mac Pro gets a special Clovertown processor

  • Cupertino (CA) – When four cores are not enough, then there is now the option to equip Apple’s Mac Pro dual-socket desktop system with two limited production quad-core processors. Of course, the privilege of owning an eight-core Apple, especially with a processor that isn’t part of Intel’s volume product portfolio yet, doesn’t come cheap.

    Apple recently added, in addition to three possible 2 x dual-core configurations, a 2 x quad-core option to its high-end desktop Mac Pro. But what makes this new special is the fact that it ships with quad-cores that aren’t listed on Intel’s price sheet or on its website. According to Apple’s website, the new system is configurable with two Clovertown (Xeon 5300 series) processors, clocked at 3.0 GHz.

    Intel’s Clovertown currently tops out at 2.66 GHz (model X5355). Intel spokesperson Dan Snyder told TG Daily that the 3.0 GHz model is available in limited production at this time an “Apple has chosen to adopt it.” Snyder said that Intel will introduce another Xeon 3 GHz “later on as well”. Apple did not comment on this specific version of the processor, but said that the 3.0 GHz quad-core configuration is aimed at "pro software developers [as] a platform to prepare new versions of their applications for the future, when 8-core technology is more prevalent on the desktop."


    The Apple 3.0 GHz 2x quad-core system is available on the Mac store and is promised to ship within “3-5 business days”. Pricewise, the system isn’t cheap and, if multiply options are checked, the price quickly escalates into the double digit range: Starting at a base price of $2200 with two dual-core 2.0 GHz Xeons, the 3.0 GHZ quad-core option adds $1797 to the bottom line, and puts the system just under $4000. 

    Go for the ultimate Mac Pro, and add a 16 GB memory configuration, 3 TB of storage, a workstation graphics card, two 30” displays and a fiber channel card and you’ll end up at around $18,000.   

    In a separate news, Apple announced that it has lowered the prices of some of its Cinema desktop LCDs. The 20" now goes for $600, the 23" version for $900 and the 30" model for $1800.