These Android set-top boxes boast front-facing cameras

  • The Chinese technology market has been on full tilt when it comes to producing Android-powered set-top boxes and mini PCs.

    Just last week, we talked about a new Android-powered set-top box dubbed the YW9300, which is packing quad-core power. One of the cool things about some of the newer Android-powered set-top boxes? They allow you to easily make and receive Skype video calls.

    Indeed, a pair of new set-top boxes has tipped up that feature front-facing cameras. One of the set top boxes - the MK818 - runs Android 4.1 and is powered by a Rockchip RK3066 ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor paired with 8 GB of internal storage. The set-top box also features 1 GB of RAM, while the integrated front camera is set at 0.3-megapixels.

    Additional key specs? An integrated mic, 3.5 mm headphone port, Ethernet port, and Bluetooth. The set-top box also offers up built-in Wi-Fi, a pair of mini USB ports, a single full-size USB port, and an HDMI output. And last, but certatinly not least, the device is equipped with a microSD card slot for storage expansion and can be purchased online for between $76-$85.

    The other Android-powered set-top box is known as the H5. Frankly, this device reminds me a lot of the Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360. It is available for $89 and uses the same RK3066 processor as the MK818. The H5 also features an integrated optical audio output port, which is something you don't typically see on Android set-top boxes.

    Additional specs include a camera with two-megapixels of resolution, a pair of full-size USB ports, 4 GB of integrated storage, Android 4.0, 1 GB of RAM, integrated Wi-Fi, and an SD card slot for storage expansion.

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