This Android set-top box is powered by a quad-core Allwinner A31 SoC

  • While versatile, the Allwinner quad-core A31 processor certainly isn't new, as we've seen it power a number of various devices in recent months.

    In fact, only a week or so back the very same processor turned up inside a small Android-powered computer on a stick that was benchmarked with rather impressive performance results. So if you're the sort who doesn't care for a PC-on-a stick style device, you might be interested in a more traditional set-top box.

    Indeed, a new Android set-top box - the DH108A - is equipped with the Allwinner A31 processor. Additional specifications? Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean),  2 GB of RAM, integrated Wi-Fi, four USB ports, an Ethernet port and between 8-16GB of local storage.

    The DH108A - which is also fitted with an HDMI port - ships with a HDMI cable and supports various Android applications along with numerous popular streaming TV options.

    The box is currently listed on Alibaba, but you have to contact the supplier for a price quote. The supplier says that it can provide 50,000 units per week, so it's likely the set-top nox will be showing up under other brand names over the next few weeks.

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