Intel offers a USB 3.0 fix

  • Intel is developing a new version of its 8-series chipsets for Core i-series 4000-family Haswell microprocessors to fix problems with USB 3.0.

    The core logic sets at launch will have a nuisance USB 3.0 problem, but Intel is promising that future versions will not.

    Intel warned its partners that when a PC system with Core i-series "Haswell" and 8-series chipset inside it will have a nuisance problem with its USB 3.0 connections.

    Chipzilla does not see this as a serious problem because there would be no data lost. All that will happen is a few blank PDF pages or failure to resume playback. All you need to do is restart the software.

    But fixing the problem is tricky. According to X-bit  Labs, a new chipset revision is required

    Intel has not said when the new revision of its 8-series chipsets with corrected USB 3.0 operation will be in the shops.

    Given the fact that Intel does not consider the problem significant, we do not see there being a rush. We would expect to see Intel's partners able to start shipping mainboards powered by the new core logic sets towards the end of summer. 

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