Giaye is an orb-shaped Android set-top box

  • Giayee has unveiled a pod-like Android-powered set-top box that is quite reminiscent of Google's short-lived Nexus Q.

    The Android Jelly Bean-powered version from Giayee should be significantly cheaper than the $300 Q, and if you like the round designed, this is probably one of your only options, as the Nexus Q was uncermoniously discontinued before even hitting the market.

    Other than the round design, the Giayee and Nexus Q are vastly different under the hood. For example, the Chinese device is powered by a Rockchip RK3066 ARM Coretex-A9 dual-core processor paired with a Mali 400 GPU. The box features integrated Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and a built-in IR receiver for the included remote control. The remote control functions as an air mouse - allowing users to control the on-screen cursor from across the room.

    The remote also features built-in motion controls, meaning players can control video games that require motion  from across the room. Another interesting feature in terms of the remote is a built-in microphone, allowing users to access voice controls and make voice calls using VoIP services. The orb also boasts an HDMI output, an audio output, a pair of USB ports for connecting a keyboard, mouse, or other peripherals, and a microSD card slot for storage expansion.

    The Giayee is fitted 8 GB of integrated storage and features 1 GB of RAM. It's probably worth noting that the Giayee IPTV box is an OEM device and will likely be sold under a different name when it hits the market.

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