Video: Clothbot creeps up your clothing

  • It might seem somewhat odd, but ever since I came across Hector from Saturn 3, robots have routinely creeped me out. Even supposedly cute ones like Johnny 5 and Wall-E have done little to lessen my aversion.

    But the Clothbot - which redefines creepy - is designed to swarm up your clothing. Is this a prelude to burrowing into your brain and taking over your body?

     Well, maybe not, but still. Yes, the robot is powered by four mini internal motors, and uses a little pincher - actually a pair of mini wheels - to grab onto clothing while inching its way up.

    The robot was designed by a group from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and is currently considered a proof of concept prototype. 

    Personally, I think a small robot like this equipped with a camera and the ability to wirelessly stream video would likely interest law enforcement officials and/or military personnel.

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