World's fastest Blu-ray computer drive coming next month

  • Samsung has engineered a Blu-ray PC drive that has a BD-ROM read speed of 12x, a combo drive that is faster than any other competing product on the market. The SH-B123 is an internal computer drive that can also read DVDs at 16x speed and CDs at up to 48x. It operates with a dual laser diode structure and two separate lenses.

    Samsung also claims its lead time is improved by at least 17% over other models. Other speeds include 8x reading of BD R/RE/DL media, 8x DVD Dual Layer and +RW recording, and 6x DVD-RW recording.

    The SH-B123 can also upscale standard DVD movies to full HD resolution.

    The drive will be available in all major global markets, including the US, in July.

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