"Folding keyboard" concept quashes worst netbook shortcoming

Posted by Mike Luttrell

A picture is worth a thousand words, and by simply looking at this new concept netbook keyboard, anyone who has owned or touched a netbook should appreciate this folding, expandable keyboard.

I'm actually writing this story on a netbook, and while I've certainly gotten used to the small keyboard, it would be nice to have something that feels more like a "regular" notebook, especially since I switch between the two on a consistent basis.

So this prototype from designer Yang Yongchang, featured on Yanko Design, would be a welcome addition.

The keyboard contains a full numerical keypad to the right, a trackball in the center, and the "foldable" design gives it a full size when typing.

Of course, it does also detract from the compact nature of netbooks, making it entirely less portable than anything else you would find when shopping for one. This will probably just stay at in the "concept" pile for now, but it's interesting nonetheless.