There's no Intel chip inside Apple's tablet

  • When Apple introduces its tablet machine later on this month, it's unlikely to have an Intel chip inside.

    That's according to, that reports Apple has decided to use its own microprocessor, based on a design by PA Semi, acquired by the Cupertino firm a few years back.

    Apple had been rumored to use a leading Aedge Atom microprocessor in the so-called iSlate, but appears to have decided to pursue its own semiconductor path.

    The firm has been busy hiring experts from other semiconductor companies too - it already has two former CTOs from ATI, the graphics chip arm of Advanced Micro Devices.

    Still, if the speculation turns out to be correct and Apple goes for a PA Semi design, that begs another question.

    It's all very well to design a chip, but a foundry has to manufacture it for you. And if Apple's designs are that well advanced, then that decision has already been made and the microprocessors are already in production.'s story is here.

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