IDF Fall 2008: Lucid samples graphics parallelization chips

  • Lucid said that it has begun shipments of Hydra reference designs, a technology that allows system vendors to integrate multiple graphics cards in a single computer. Called the Hydra 100-series, the SoC is now available for evaluation and can be integrated with PC motherboards, notebook motherboards and add-in cards.

    Lucid said that Hydra can be built into a desktop or notebook motherboard that is connected to a standard PCIe port between the CPU subsystem and the multiple graphics add-in boards or MXM modules. An add-in board option connects to up to four GPUs by “any one vendor”. A more exotic version is an external pod that can be connected to a laptop or docking station.

    Lucid said that consumers who buy a Lucid enabled motherboard can choose which GPU brand to implement, and mix and match within that vendor, even mixing older cards with new ones “and still achieve linear multi-GPU performance enhancement for 3D gaming or other graphics applications.”

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