IDF Fall 2008: NEC promises speed-up for Wireless USB

  • NEC today announced that it has begun sample shipments of its new device wire adapter (DWA) LSI chip to enable wireless communication between a Wireless USB host system (such as a PC) and USB 2.0 peripherals. What makes this chip special is the fact that it expands its communication frequency from the conventional frequency range of 3-5 GHz to the 5-10-GHz range.

    NEC claims that, as a result, the chip increases the communication speed when multiple Wireless USB-based hosts communicate with peripherals. The company says that communication quality is also improved since interference can be avoided.

    Samples of the chip are available for $10 per chip. Mass production is expected to begin in October 2008 and will reach 500,000 units per month by October 2009, NEC said.

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