Lonely GeForce 9300 motherboard spotted at Computex

  • Zotac is entering the cut-throat motherboard market and has an interesting product on display at Computex: Zotac is the only company on the show floor to presenting a GeForce 9300-based motherboard for Intel processors.

    The GeForce 9300 is not a new graphics card, but rather an integrated graphics chipset with the similar feature set as the AMD-targeted GeForce 8200.  Nvidia is leveraging its GeForce brand to launch low-end parts, which some partners have to sell in order to get any allocation of high-end products.

    The GeForce 9300 chipset is little more than an Intel version of GeForce 8200. It is a single-chip, all-in-one solution that sports support for Hybrid SLI, PureVideo HD, HDMI output with 7.1 HAD audio codec.

    The GeForce 9300 graphics delivers the performance of the GeForce 8400, at least according to information that is available to us. There was no official launch date for the 9300, but once the chipset becomes available, Intel’s G chipsets will finally get some competition in the integrated graphics segment.

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