Nvidia has more than 70 million GPGPUs in the market

  • Nvidia unveiled some interesting data about its progress on CUDA and GPGPU-enabled processors. During the Nvidia Editor's Day Spring 2008, the company’s CTO disclosed that more than 70 million CUDA-enabled graphics chips (beginning with the GeForce 8-series) have shipped to date. According to David Kirk, Nvidia sees 350.000 CUDA-enabled driver downloads every week, while more than 60.000 CUDA SDK downloads were reported.

    Nvidia plans to double these numbers once the next generation of GeForce cards is released.

    Also interesting to note was a statement from an unnamed Oil & Gas company, which claims that a their current prototype 128 node GPU cluster is expected to outperform their current 4000-CPU cluster system. We somewhat suspect that the quoted company was either Chevron, British Petrol (BP) or Royal Dutch Shell, since these three came have reported the most progress with GPU-accelerated simulation software.

    At this point we are convinced that GPU acceleration will become a big part of our hardware future and we are looking forward to products surrounding GeForce, Tesla, Quadro, Radeon, FireGL, FireStream and Larrabee.