Dell announces Penryn workstations

  • Dell has begun shipping two new “Precision” workstation models based on Intel’s recently announced 45 nm processors.  Both the T5400 and T7400 are dual-socket systems that are available “today”, according to the vendor.

    Prices for the T5400 start at around $1600, which includes a single 2 GHz quad-core CPU (Xeon E5405), 1 GB of memory, a 256 MB Nvidia NVS 290 graphics card and one 80 GB hard drive. Configuration options include processors up to 3.16 GHz, up to 32 GB of memory, up to four monitors and three hard drives. The T7400 starts at a similar price level, but allows buyers to choose processors up to 3.2 GHz (Xeon X5482) and up to 64 GB of main memory with five hard drives for a total capacity of 5 TB. A fully decked out T7400 system is priced at about $30,000.