Alienware launches electronics trade-in program

  • Alienware allows customers to trade-in electronics devices to receive a check or gift-card that can be used toward a purchase of a new Alienware computer. The platform, based on Dealtree, supports devices ranging from desktop PCs over iPods, notebooks and servers, game consoles and projectors. While this program could be a welcome opportunity to get rid of older products, the actual check may not be as enticing as the offer sounds.

    For example, Core 2 Duo computers with a large LCD are getting you about $350, comparable Athlon X2 systems $275, iPods between $70 and $15, a Playstation 3 (60 GB) $265 and a Nintendo Wii $175. Many older devices such as the original Playstation, a G3 Powerbook or antique cellphones do not carry a trade-in value.