Matrox announces “low power” graphics card

  • “Low power” isn’t usually a description you see attached to discrete graphics cards. But in times where power efficiency is becoming the dominant specification for many computer components and corporations are trying to cut down their power consumption in many places, a low power graphics card doesn’t necessarily seem out of place.

    Matrox will be shipping its new P690 series of cards beginning this month and claims that, depending on the model, the cards will only consume between 10 and 12 watts. The new cards are basically a redesign of the previously introduced 90 nm P650 series, cards that target customers in finance and insurance industries, in CAD/GIS, public information displays, as well as media creation and editing.   

    P690 cards are available in six variants ranging from the 128 MB PCI/PCIe x16 for a suggested retail price of $199 to the 256 MB P690 Plus LP PCI/PCIe for $289.