PSC blames Hynix for recent DRAM price plummet

  • Taipei (Taiwan) - With Hynix Semiconductor being cited by some publications as saying that Taiwan DRAM makers should bear the responsibility for the recent plummet in the price of DRAM, Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation (PSC) chairman Fank Huang protested against the accusation by the second-largest DRAM supplier, citing the high annual supply bit growth at Hynix.

    Citing obtained information, Huang said Hynix plans for an annual supply bit growth of 120%, which is the highest growth rate compared with fellow rivals and that the planned DRAM supply bit growth among Taiwanese players will only average 70-80%. Samsung Electronics, which just revealed its third quarter earnings, said it expects its DRAM supply bit growth to be 50-60% in 2007.

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