AMD's near future brands, speeds and timelines

  • Earlier this week, AMD saddled up their friendship horse, rode over to the VR-Zone Corral and gave the folks sitting around the campfire a little look-see at what's coming.  It promises to be a 6-way lineup with Phenom FX, Phenom-9, Phenom-7, Athlon-6, Athlon LE-1 and Sempron LE-1 brand names coming via the core names Agena FX quad, Agena quad, Toliman triple-core, Kuma dual, Lima single and Sparta value single, respectively.

    We'll see new 65nm products, such as Phenom FX in excess of 2.6 GHz in Q1 2008.  There will be Phenom-9 series processors at 2.2 GHz and 2.4 GHz in November, 2007.  December will see a 2.6 GHz model.  And sometime in Q2 2008 (April-June) we'll see potentially faster processors, same with Phenom FX.  AMD has not stated what clock speeds we'll be seeing.  They have indicated that they'll all be Socket AM2+, 4x 512KB L2 caches, 2MB L3 caches and HT bus speeds of 3.6 GHz, 4.0 GHz and higher than 4.0 GHz in Q2 2008.  The thermal envelopes will range from 89W to 125W.

    Lima 2.7 GHz parts will arrive using a 2 GHz HT bus in January, 2008, while Q2 2008 will see faster Lima and Kuma parts.

    VR-Zone has the low-down here, here and here.