Intel preps DP server boards for 45 nm arrival

  • Intel has informed system builders that it is about to refresh its entire Xeon DP motherboard line product line in order to support the upcoming 45 nm Wolfdale (dual-core) and Harpertown (quad-core) processors.

    The boards (S5000 SVA, PSL, XSL, XVN, PAL, XAL) will be completely phased out by the end of this year: Intel said vendors, beginning July 13th, will have two months to order the last batch of old boards based on the 5000 series MCH and two months to take delivery of the boards. The company already has replacements in place for all old boards and barebone systems (SR1530CL, SR2520SA); the replacements can be identified by an added “R” (for “refresh”) in the model name.

    Intel said that the 45 nm dual-socket boards will support the lower voltage of the new FSB in the 45 nm architecture as well as necessary changes to the voltage regulator. The “refreshed” boards will also introduce support for closed loop thermal throttling (CLTT).