Kingston unveils “ultra” low latency DDR3 memory

Posted by Wolfgang Gruener

Kingston’s DDR3 HyperX memory runs at PC11000 speed (1375 MHz) and achieves, and is shipped with CL5 timings. Of course, a fairly new technology that is pushed towards the top-end of available memory devices, does not come cheap: Kingston is offering the DDR3 devices for $400 for a 1 GB module. The 2 GB kit (2 x 1 GB) version is available for $800.

On the DDR2 side, OCZ recently released a 4 GB “Quad kit” of its PC2-6400 Platinum and PC2-6400 Gold memory device to address demand for “memory hungry” enthusiast PCs. The 800MHz memory has timings of CL 4-5-4-18 (Platinum) and CL 5-5-5-18 (Gold). Pricing has not been announced but we expect street prices for the Quad kits memory to land somewhere around $200 when the memory will become available.