Kingston unveils “ultra” low latency DDR3 memory

  • Kingston’s DDR3 HyperX memory runs at PC11000 speed (1375 MHz) and achieves, and is shipped with CL5 timings. Of course, a fairly new technology that is pushed towards the top-end of available memory devices, does not come cheap: Kingston is offering the DDR3 devices for $400 for a 1 GB module. The 2 GB kit (2 x 1 GB) version is available for $800.

    On the DDR2 side, OCZ recently released a 4 GB “Quad kit” of its PC2-6400 Platinum and PC2-6400 Gold memory device to address demand for “memory hungry” enthusiast PCs. The 800MHz memory has timings of CL 4-5-4-18 (Platinum) and CL 5-5-5-18 (Gold). Pricing has not been announced but we expect street prices for the Quad kits memory to land somewhere around $200 when the memory will become available.

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